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Patient Resources

Balance Exercises

Easy exercises to help you improve your balance, avoid falls, and regain your confidence.

Core Strengthening

Learn how to strengthen all the areas of your core anatomy - abs, obliques, lats, etc.

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Read this important information about the debilitating disease.

Lower Back Disc Problem - Exercises

Relieve pain from herniated or bulging disc with the exercises in this video.

Lower Back Pain - Stretches

Excellent exercises for general lower back pain (and especially good for arthritis and spinal stenosis.)

Neck Stretches

Stretches to relieve neck pain from stiffness, arthritis or even from a herniated disk.

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Pain Management With Heat or Cold

When to use heat packs and when to use ice packs to deal with pain and injury.

Running for Success

Enjoy the benefits of running and avoid the injuries.

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Shoulder Injury Prevention

Avoid injuring the shoulder - the most complex and unstable joint in the human body.

Sleep Hygiene

Learn all about sleep hygiene including: preparation for sleep; enviromental setting; sleep aids; sleep apnea; and more

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